Cast Iron Coffee Co. - Who We Are

“Buying coffee is a very personal thing. Each person has their own and very specific way of obtaining (their idea of) the perfect coffee. Some religiously squeeze the bags to smell what’s currently good on the shelves. Others argue that it is the price that determines the quality, which in turn affects the flavour – kind of like a 1-1 ratio. We believe in offering a balance of all those things. Fresh roasts and great quality coffee beans – you won’t ever go wrong with this approach. That’s what makes us stand out.“

"From observing people and using my own experiences, it hit me. Somewhere along the line, everyone had a cup of coffee that got ingrained into their memory – the best cup of coffee. It could have been the place they were at, the people they were with. But what seems to be the most likely, is that it was super fresh. People really just want freshly roasted coffee. Having that type of access to coffee is a game changer. The coffee just tastes different. I want to provide that accessibility to people through Cast Iron Coffee."

Michael Irons | Founder